Private Coaching Packages are designed to assist you in developing a set of skills in all facets of the game! These packages are for the committed golfer looking to build a long-term plan to improve their golf game.  Overcome and improve your weaknesses which will provide opportunities to improve your score!  Learn how to practice more effectively through our initial New Student Assessment.  

Packages of 30, 60, 90 Minute Private Coaching Sessions are available.  

Email, Call or Text (702) 327-0608.

Playing lessons

Learn how to implement new skills on the golf course during on course playing lessons.  Experience a stress-free learning environment during your time with Sean.  Begin with a brief warm up on the range and putting green to get a feel for the speed of the greens.  Sean will help you develop a personalized pre-shot routine and a clear understanding for your tendencies.  You’ll develop the skills and learn how to manage your game.   

Receive a Personalized Game Plan with Blast Motion Golf Video Analysis & Feedback.  

New Student Assessment

New Student Assessments take 90 Minutes and includes a complete breakdown of your game.  Begin with a TPI Golf Fitness Screening & TaylorMade Golf Equipment Assessment while going through a data collection process incorporating Video Analysis, Launch Monitor Technology, 3D Motion Analysis Technologies.  You will gain clarity and a complete understanding of your golf game.  In addition to this Assessment, plan to spend time on the golf course learning how to implement new skills and techniques discussed with Sean Lanyi.