Replay App

Blast Golf combines full swing, driving and putting with real-time motion metrics and smart video capture. Blast Golf automatically captures video highlights of your swing with overlaid performance metrics that are immediately sharable through email, messaging and social media, delivering an industry-leading innovation for golfers of all ages and skill levels.




GolfXperiences are completely customizable for golfers of all ages and skill levels, offered to small groups of 1-2 people as well as larger groups of 4-8 people. GolfXperiences are offered at World Class Properties giving you the absolute best possible experience with premier conditions having access to state-of-the-art technologies. Single & Multi-Day GolfXperiences include on-course training to help you learn how to implement in a pressure-free environment! GolfXperiences give you the necessary time to develop and improve your Putting & Green Reading, Short Game consisting of Greenside Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play as well as developing a complete understanding for developing your full swing that will repeat itself under pressure.

Half Day GolfXperience

  • 4 Hours in Length

  • 2 Hours of Coaching & Golf Instruction with Sean Lanyi

  • 2 Hours of On-Course Coaching & Golf Instruction in a Pressure-Free Environment

  • Lunch & Break Hosted

  • Learn AimPoint Express, the World’s #1 Green Reading System, STOP GUESSING!  

  • Improve your Setup & Stroke Mechanics and overall Putting abilities – Learn to start the ball on your intended line and control pace and speed of your putts with precision.  

  • Improve your Short Game with dedicated time addressing your technique and mechanics for Greenside Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play.  Learn how to control the trajectory and distances of your shots resulting in predictable yardage control.

  • Develop a pre-shot routine that repeats itself while you build a plan to have a more reliable full swing.  It’s all about managing your tendencies and having solutions, drills and exercises in place to work on towards total game improvement.  

  • Enjoy 9 Holes of Golf with Sean Lanyi assisting with the implementation of new skills on the golf course.

  • Golfers will receive an email inviting them to their own ThrivSports Student Locker and include the following:  

    • Golfer’s BluePrint – GamePlan to Improvement

    • Practice Plan – 20/20/20 Rule

    • Putting & Full Swing video & technology reminders with voice-over comments from Sean Lanyi