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What Is AimPoint Express Green-Reading?

Sean Lanyi is a AimPoint Express Level 2 Certified Instructor, trained by Mark Sweeney, Founder of AimPoint Golf.

AimPoint Certified  AimPoint Express

AimPoint Express Green Reading is more than just the World's #1 Green Reading system--it's the putting solution that integrates Read, Speed, and Aim. Tour players, amateurs, and juniors in over 40 countries and on every major tour have turned to AimPoint as the way to lower scores. Don't let putting be a mystery anymore, understand how to read break, control speed on all putts, aim correctly and quickly learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt.



The AimPoint Express Level 1 and Level 2 Class is the cornerstone of your green reading mastery. This method is used by hundreds of tour players worldwide and will teach you how to read break like a seasoned professional. Appropriate for any age or playing level.

AimPoint Aim Class will teach you what factors change your aim and start line and will guide you how to fix those issues yourself. This class will fine-tune your ability to roll the ball on your intended line and to diagnose problems. You must learn how to match your putterface to your target, consistently, to have success. There is nothing more visual than aiming correctly to the target and aligning your club and body in a like manner, while beside the ball in your address position.

AimPoint Speed Class will teach you how to understand changing speed conditions, uphill and downhill adjustments, and how to train yourself. This class will dramatically improve your overall putting performance. The first two skills, above, control the ball’s speed more than most golfers believe. Still, you must control your stroke’s speed in all circumstances. Your practice should rely heavily on speed control drills. You cannot over-practice speed! The Express Read is a pre-requisite for this class.


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Learn the following during an AimPoint Session with Sean Lanyi:

  • Can be learned by anyone
  • Takes minutes to learn and master
  • Incredibly accurate 
  • Deals with any slope or green speed
  • Correct reads help stop manipulation
  • Commit to a confident decision
  • Reads just take seconds
  • No bending down or circling the hole
  • Requires no chart or mapping in the Express class
  • How to handle single and multi break putts
  • How to manage speed control



AimPoint Express Level 1 Only:
One Hour Group Session - $100.00 Per Adult, $75.00 Per Junior

AimPoint Express Level 2 Only:
One Hour Group Session - $100.00 Per Adult, $75.00 Per Junior

AimPoint Speed & Aim Class:
One Hour Group Session - $100.00 Per Adult, $75.00 Per Junior

AimPoint Express Level 1 & 2:
Two Hour Group Session - $150.00 Per Adult, $150.00 Per Junior

AimPoint Express Level 1 & 2, Aim & Speed Class plus you receive a Blast Motion Golf system and Tee Claw system, a $650.00 Value:
One on One Private Coaching Session - $500.00 Adults, $400.00 Juniors under age 18


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Here is more information on AimPoint Golf's Founder Mark Sweeney, for more information visit