Private Lessons

Private Coaching Sessions are individualized training sessions, designed to assist you in developing a set of skills in all areas of the game, this is your chance to address key areas that are considered weaknesses providing opportunities to improve your score!  Private Coaching Sessions don’t have fixed agenda’s, what you would like to address and improve on is up to you as there are three options.

New Student Assessment

The New Student Assessment takes 90 Minutes, including a complete breakdown of your game.  Begin with a TPI Golf Fitness Screening and Golf Equipment Assessment while going through a data collection process incorporating Video Analysis, Launch Monitor Technology, 3D Motion Analysis Technologies.  You will gain clarity and a complete understanding of your golf game.  In addition to this Assessment, plan to spend time on the golf course learning how to implement new skills and techniques discussed with Sean Lanyi. 

At the conclusion of this process you’ll receive a follow up email with a Game Plan and Practice Plan for improvement in the suggested areas.  This assessment sets you up for long term improvement and planning so you can play your best!  There is a cost of $100 for adults and $75 for juniors, schedule your New Student Assessment today. 

Playing lessons

Playing Lessons provide opportunities for a player to take their game to the golf course in a stress-free and pressure-free environment.  You’ll begin with a brief warm up on the range and putting green to get a feel for the speed of the greens.  Moving right into the playing lesson, Sean will help you develop a personalized pre-shot routine and a clear understanding for your tendencies while playing.  You’ll develop the skills and understanding to manage your game better through experiencing and learning how to handle a variety of situations on the golf course such as uneven lies, course management and strategy. 

Playing Lessons can be scheduled 7 days a week.  You’ll receive a  personalized game plan and practice plan at the completion of the lesson as a summary that will be emailed to you.  

Three additional golfers can join playing lessons for $100.00 per person.

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership is similar to a gym membership, you are expected to arrive alive and join Sean in the pursuit to play your best golf!  This program is for the golfer looking to build a set of skills and fundamentals focused on the concept of personalized coaching and supervised practice sessions.  The supervised practice sessions are included as I encourage you to attend as frequently as your schedule allows. Here are your monthly options to choose from:

Supervised Practice Sessions

Supervised Practice Sessions are scheduled group practice sessions focusing on specific skills, shots and golf fitness components to bring out your best, these are included as I encourage you to attend as frequently as your schedule allows.

Club Fittings & Optimizations

Putter Optimizations

90 Minutes:  $75.00

Putting accounts for 40% of your score!  The Golf Channel Academy with Sean Lanyi utilizes CAPTO & Blast Motion Golf to ensure the proper fit is determined allowing for you to start the ball online.  We can fit and construct a putter for you that has the proper length, lie, loft, offset, face characteristics, head style allowing you to better understand your aim tendencies and stroke tendencies. Including a training and analysis with Blast Motion Golf and Blast Connect.  

Wedge Optimizations

90 minutes: $75.00

Custom Fit Wedges lead to more confidence and lower scores.  Properly fit wedges provide players with precise distance gaps, enabling a player to hit more full shots. Bounce and Grind selection is a critical step in a wedge fitting, choosing the correct grind based on the swing type and course conditions will improve turf interaction and shot making consistency.  The Golf Channel Academy with Sean Lanyi utilizes Blast Motion Golf to effectively train consistency with Timing, Swing Speed to optimize a players wedge game for short pitch shots, bunker shots and full wedges shots. Includes a player report, training and analysis with Blast Motion Golf.

Iron & Long Game Optimization

60 Minutes: $75.00 Each

The most comprehensive custom fitting option for those who want to take their game to the next level.  Our Custom Fitter will take you through fitting your irons, hybrids, fairway woods and driver. We offer a broad selection of the best that the major manufacturers have to offer in shafts and heads, so that we can help dial in your game as precisely as possible.  

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